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Amana Trust Newsletter


Click on the links below for more information regarding upcoming events.

Calendar of Autumn 2018 Events

Please see the list below for the upcoming events hosted by Amana Trust.

If more information is not available for the event you are interested in attending or you have any questions please phone us during business hours on 01708 380 301 or 0800 093 9779 or email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you in the meantime.

For a list of other conferences held throughout Europe, please view the event calendar.

Full Time Training in London

  • Spring Term 2018
  • 5 February – 9 June
  • Visit for more information and application forms.
  • Every Christian needs training. Without training, we will not experience and enjoy Christ’s riches in full. We also need training to function and serve the Lord profitably. The Full-Time Training in London provides a special opportunity to be trained to enjoy Christ, grow in His life, and serve Him to build up the church as His Body.

    Morning classes (Tuesday to Thursday) are open to visitors, but please phone 01708 380 300 ahead of time in case there have been any changes to the schedule.