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from Life-study of the Bible (Genesis 12:6-8)
Amana Trust Newsletter


Click on the links below for more information regarding upcoming events.

Calendar of Autumn 2017 Events
    Please watch this page as we add events and seminars across the United Kingdom in the coming months. Please contact us on 01708 380 301 or at with any queries. We look forward to seeing you, and please feel free to bring friends or family.
Two Days of Fellowship at Bower House, 14-15 October

    Amana Trust invites you to attend a conference on the weekend of 14-15 October 2017 in London, UK. We expect a rich feast in the Word and the Lord’s blessing in the fellowship among all those attending from across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

    Click here for more information and to register.

Journey through the Gospel of John

    Having concluded the series on the Life-study of Revelation in London, we are excited to announce the next Life-study of the Bible seminar series on the Gospel of John.

    You are warmly invited to join us to study and enjoy the Gospel of John in Saturday seminars and weekly Bible studies throughout London.

    Saturday Seminars

    Weekly Bible Studies

      We are also excited to begin weekly Bible studies of the Gospel of John at our Central London Bookshop on Saturdays.

    • When: Saturdays through December 2017 from 2-3pm starting 9 September
    • Location: Amana Trust Bookshop, 110 Pentonville Road, Islington, N1 9JB
    • Cost: FREE
Life-study of Revelation

Full Time Training in London

  • Autumn Term 2017
  • 14 August – 10 December 2017
  • Visit for more information and application forms.
  • Every Christian needs training. Without training, we will not experience and enjoy Christ’s riches in full. We also need training to function and serve the Lord profitably. The Full-Time Training in London provides a special opportunity to be trained to enjoy Christ, grow in His life, and serve Him to build up the church as His Body.

    Morning classes (Tuesday to Thursday) are open to visitors, but please phone 01708 380 300 ahead of time in case there have been any changes to the schedule.