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Prophecy of the Kingdom (7)
from Life-study of the Bible (Matthew 25:31-46)
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“And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God,
prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Revelation 21:2
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November 2013
In This Issue:

Life-study of the Bible Radio Broadcast
Life-study of the Bible broadcasts on Premier Christian Radio every weekday evening and on Sunday afternoons.
Monday to Friday at 8pm: Life-study of Colossians
Sunday at 3pm: Highlights from the Life-study of Exodus
30% off: A great way to listen to the radio broadcast is to read along with the printed Life-studies. Visit our bookshops (online or in person) for a special discount on the individual volumes and complete sets of Life-study of Colossians and Life-study of Exodus.
God’s Eternal Purpose Seminar
This seminar is taking place tomorrow. If you have not yet registered, please register today so we can have a seminar badge prepared for you. If you are unable to register, you are still welcome to join us and register on arrival.
Amana Trust and Bibles for Europe
cordially invite you to a Bible Seminar on
God’s Eternal Purpose
Genesis 1 & 2: God’s Plan Revealed
Revelation 21 & 22: God’s Plan Fulfilled
In the Bible, Genesis chapters one and two reveal to us the seeds of God’s eternal purpose. The last two chapters of the Bible, Revelation chapters 21 and 22, show us this eternal purpose fulfilled. Please join us for a time of fellowship and enjoyment in the Word as we take a closer look at God’s eternal purpose.
Saturday, 2 November 2013
11 am to 4 pm
Includes morning & afternoon sessions
Bower House
Orange Tree Hill, Romford, RM4 1PB
Includes seminar materials, lunch and refreshments, plus shuttles from Romford station, Newbury Park & Chase Cross
Information and registration:
Any questions, please contact us on 01708 380 301 or 0800 093 9779. We look forward to meeting you soon.
This Month’s Featured Truth Question
Life-study of the Bible Radio Broadcast
Life-study of the Bible Radio Broadcasts
Colossians from Mon to Fri
Exodus on Sunday
Monday to Friday at 8pm
Sunday at 3pm
DAB ‘PremierC’
Freeview 725
1305 1332 1413 MW
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