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August 2012

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“…That through these you might become partakers of the divine nature…” 2 Peter 1:4
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August 2012
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Life-study of the Bible Radio Broadcast
Current Broadcast: Visit the broadcast schedule for details of the Life-study of Genesis radio broadcast, and listen to broadcasts at any time.
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Home Bible Studies: Would you like to join a home Bible study near you, or to open your home for a Bible study? Contact us for more information.
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Full-Time Training in London:
The next term of the Full-Time Training in London will begin on Monday 13th August with the Pre-Training, a week of classes that are beneficial for all seeking believers. For application forms and more information please contact [email protected].
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30% off: Life-study of Genesis is currently available for purchase at a 30% discount for both the seven-volume set and individual volumes.
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Life-study of the Bible Radio Broadcast
Life-study of the Bible Radio Broadcasts
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